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Understanding Sickness

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Theories and practice in Psychology.

Psychology is defined as the scientific study of the mind of the human being and the reasons for why people behave the way they do. The specialist who learns about the human mind and tries to justify why people behave the way they do is known as a psychologist. There are several theories that psychologists use in the course of their work. These are psychoanalytic therapy, Adlerian therapy, person centered therapy and cognitive therapy.
Psychoanalytic therapy was developed by Sigmund Freud. It has since undergone a lot of adjustments and refinements since then. This theory involves treatment of someone who has mental problems by inquiring about their feelings and past, in order to try and discover what may be causing the setback.
Adlerian theory was developed by Alfred Adler and, it primarily shows that a person’s individual lifestyle, social interests, circumstances surrounding their birth and inferiority or superiority complex is a major component of a person’s personality.
Person centered therapy can also be person centered psychotherapy or client centered therapy. It provides clients with the opportunity to develop a sense of self where the patient finds out that their feelings and behavior have been negatively affected. The psychologist ensures that the patient achieves their real potential.
Cognitive therapy is the development by Aaron .T. Beck. It helps patients to develop the skills to modify beliefs, identify their thoughts that are distorted, behaviors and emotional responses. Treatment is based on the client patient collaboration in order to test the beliefs.
Keywords: Therapy, psychotherapy
Theory and Practice of Counseling Psychoanalytic therapy shows how childhood events are potential factors that lead to the mental dysfunction in adults. Psychologists…...

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