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Generations in the Workforce John Johnson and Jack Smith Liberty University

GENERATIONS IN THE WORKFORCE Abstract Single paragraph, double-spaced, not indented, and between 150 and 250 words. Keywords: employee attitudes, personnel management, age factors


GENERATIONS IN THE WORKFORCE Generations in the Workforce


Researchers have tried to categorize employees into contemporary work cohorts based on the eras in which they started working (Robbins & Judge, 2009, p. 119). Robbins and Judge (2009) observed that since the average age to enter the workforce is between 18 and 23, the cohorts are loosely based on the chronological age of their demographic and ostensibly reflect the dominant values and job attitudes of their representative generations (p.119). This paper is a systematic discussion of three topics related to contemporary work cohorts: (a) the reality and specifics of the management issues associated with having a multigenerational employee base, (b) the profiles of each of the four generations that compose the workforce today, and (c) advice for company leadership on turning the diverse perspectives of a cross-generational workforce from challenge into advantage. The Significance of the Generational Gap at the Workplace The fact that the phrase “generational gap” is part of everyday vocabulary, suggest that the phrase denotes something real, which makes the theory appear prima facie true. Furthermore, in light of the amount of literature concerning the theory of contemporary work cohorts, it becomes easy to take the validity of the theory for granted. Some critics, however, argue that due to the theory’s limitations, which include lack of rigorous research on generational values, limited intercultural application, and the imprecision of the categories that tend to ignore individual…...

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