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Marketing Plan Phase II

MKT/421 Marketing

Marketing Plan Phase II The image of an unpleasant chore ripping a mother away from her precious baby appears horrifying to the Johnson and Johnson family, therefore; members of the Johnson and Johnson family are offering Johnson and Johnson’s Baby Bubbles Bath, a new baby care product. Johnson and Johnson’s Baby Bubbles Bath ensures a new mother never experiences choosing between spending her time caring for her baby or that unpleasant chore.

Johnson and Johnson’s Baby Bubbles Bath never leaves a ring of soap scum around the tub for a mother to struggle cleaning after bathing her baby. This allows a mother to continue to provide attention and care to the vulnerable baby, and like each Johnson’s baby care product, Baby Bubbles Bath is safe for the most delicate member of the family. “As a parent, you're committed to providing the very best care for your baby. And so are we…we've been applying the highest JOHNSON'S® Brand standards in baby care to our products for over 100 years” (Johnson's Baby, n.d. para. 1).

In 1894, “Johnson & Johnson launches maternity kits to make childbirth safer for mothers and babies. JOHNSON'S® Baby Powder goes on the market. Its success leads to the Company's heritage Baby business” (Johnson & Johnson Services, Inc., n.d., slide 4).

Johnson and Johnson’s Baby Bubbles Bath Developing and marketing a baby bath product requires a commitment of time and resources. “Developing a new product takes years of research, review and testing. Importantly, this involves talking to moms throughout every phase of the process to better understand their needs” (Johnson's Baby, n.d. para. 2). In 2013, each business must choose what segment of consumers are the business’s target market, who will be the competitors, and many other factors that are a part of each…...

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