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Quantitative Critique: GCS and Later Cerebral Atrophy in Pediatric TBI
Sofia Soqui
Grand Canyon Univserity

The Glasgow Coma Scale (GCS) is the most common scoring system used to describe the level of consciousness in a person a traumatic brain injury (TBI). This scale does have its limitations when it comes to its use in pediatrics, but it continues to be a great method of estimating severity of TBI. There now is a pediatric version of the GCS that has been altered to accommodate the different ages in children (Pediatric Care Online). This article performed a study to see if there is any correlation between a pediatric patients GCS score and later cerebral atrophy after a traumatic brain injury.
Protection of Human Participants
In the article the authors do not address any risks or benefits that may come from participating in this study. There were no risks that I could identify from reading the article, as participants were to only receive a quantitative magnetic resonance image (QMRI) approximately four months after a TBI. I also do no think that there is anything beneficial for the patient from this research study, as it seems that the final results will benefit future TBI victims in determining if they will be faced cerebral atrophy. There was no mention in the article about informed consent, but no personal information was disclosed in the article. The authors did not mention if there was an approval by an institutional review board. The only patient disclosed information was age, gender, ethnicity, handedness, socioeconomic status, initial GCS score, and mechanism of injury of the patients.
Data Collection
The authors did not specify a time frame for data collection. A group of 45 children with TBI admitted to children’s hospital were enrolled; who were a part of a larger study investigating the effects of TBI (Ghosh & Wilde &…...

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